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NUG in 2 years slowly reaches to economy prosperity: Menapal

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2016)



Officials in Presidential palace have stated that National Unity Government is trying to meet the Afghan Nation’s desires by implementing the development projects within the country and will slowly achieves the economy stability and prosperity.

They have believed that Afghanistan is still focused by the International donor’s countries, despite of efforts launched by the Government of Afghanistan, it hasn’t drawn the attention and trusts of the Nation yet.

National Unity Government during its two years of age has gained the below economy achievements for Afghan Nation.

China railway which connects China to Afghanistan, Kirghizstan and goes to Tajikistan.

TAPI gas pipe line which comes from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan Pakistan and gradually to India.

500 mega watt electricity project coming from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan going through capital city and then to Pakistan.

Inauguration of the Afghanistan parliament construction which costs $220 million dollars.

Regional Internet agreement signed with Kirghizstan to access 10 Gb Officials in Ministry of Telecommunication and Technology has determined best alternative for Pakistan internet could be Kirghizstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

Agreement was made on lazuli rout to boost the economy of the countries which are connected by the following road.

CASA 1000 power project which comes from Kirkizstan to Tajikistan and then to Afghanistan from this country it goes to Pakistan.

Cement factory was innovated and it began its activities called JabulSaraj cement factory.

Chabahar port agreement signed in between the three countries for boosting economy.

Innovation of Darulaman palace was begun and President Ghani has ordered its reconstruction.

Salma Dam which was inaugurated some weeks ago was built by the financial cooperation of India which cost $300 million dollar in Herat Province.

Kajaki dam was also one of the other water dam which could provide electricity and water for irrigation the following contract was signed a Turkish company.

Torghundi railway construction phase began.

Power system of the Afghanistan custom departments was the other project which will help assist Government to collect more money by using the electronic system.

Bakhshabaad Dam construction agreement was signed with the cost of $4,5 million dollars.

Saffron 5 years draft plan was approved by the Afghanistan Government to growing the following industry.

President Deputy Spokesman Dawa Khan Minapall said,” Afghan Government is seeking ways to provide job opportunities for the Nation.”

Despite of the above mentioned achievements in economy sector Afghan Government has been capable to access 4 super Tucano planes, receiving 10000 Russian Ak 47 and the recent military aids that Afghan Government accessed was coming from China.

Reported by Ali Asghari



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