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NUG has no strategy to attract investments: AISA

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2015)


The Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) has said that the National Unity Government (NUG) has no proper strategy for attracting investments in Afghanistan.

Muhammad Qurban Haqjo, head of AISA said that Afghanistan will have economic problems if the government does not find a proper solution for encouraging investors in the country.

Attracting investments was one of the basic slogans of the NUG since its formation. Now nine months passed since the beginning of the new government but AISA complaint over its performance.

“Afghanistan faces serious economic problems. We must move toward producing but unfortunately the government has no strategy regarding the issue,” Muhammad Qurban Haqjo, head of AISA said.

However, Craftsmen Union declared that they would not believe the government’s slogans until it does not see their practical performances.

“We have our problems since the past 13 years. Authorities have always promised us but have not fulfilled their commitments,” Abdul Jabar Safi, deputy of Craftsmen Union said.

The new government is committed to change Afghanistan from a consuming economy to an exporting source.

AISA pursue establishment of a long lasting and sustainable relationship between government and the private sector that will be based on trust and continuous cooperation.

The government is well prepared to cooperate with the private sector to lead the country towards self sufficiency and economic growth.

AISA believes that the country may not experience economic amelioration unless import is substituted with investment in production.

The case of Afghanistan is emblematic of countries in the throes of armed conflict, in which investment present significant protection challenges.

Lack of resources and government capacity, fluctuating commitment of the international community, and collapse of the policing and judicial systems are but some of the challenging characteristics of the volatile Afghan context.

As outlined in this snapshot, as much as investment is needed in Afghanistan to restore and improve peoples’ access to basic services and improve standards of living, investment can also pose significant risks to people.

At the same time, the country’s extreme context presents some significant challenges to the protection of foreign investments.


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