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NUG Fails on Fighting Corruption, Spending Budget: Experts

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2016)

2Scores of political experts have stated the National Unity Government has failed to fight corruption significantly, saying the Afghan leaders would attend Brussels conference empty handed, amid officials in Presidential palace have confessed that corruption still remains as big barrier rooted in all over the Governmental departments.

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Finance have also mentioned that the Ministries only could spend their 30 percent of the allocated development budgets during 9 months of the fiscal year.

One of the two key per conditions of the International community in London and Tokyo conferences for the continuation of the aids for Afghan Government were combating corruption and spending of the development budgets by the Governmental departments of Afghanistan, during the two years despite of dozen different cases were trailed, but few cases of corruption were reviewed.

President senior advisor in corruption affairs Sardar Mohammad Roshan said,” corruption has rooted deep in all the Governmental departments of Afghanistan, but the National council combating corruption office will not leave one corruption case without reviewing.”

The total amount of the common and development budgets for the Afghanistan Governmental departments allocated 455,5 billion Afghani where 293 billion Afghani goes to common budget and 162 billion goes to development budget for the current fiscal year, however Afghan Government had promised to the International community to have the allocated development budget up to 60 percent by coming the Brussels conference, this indicates that the Government has failed to do so.

Meanwhile Ministry of Finance Spokesman Ajmal Hamid Abdul Rahimzai said,” We have allocated 55 percent of the development budget and in general only 30 percent of the development budget has been consumed.”

Political experts believed that the National Unity Government of Afghanistan has not only failed to fight corruption but it could only spend the 30 percent of the development budget by 9 months, these two issue will discourage the International community to stop their financial aids for Afghanistan in Brussels conference.

Political expert Rahmatullah Bezhanpor said,” huge number of educated persons are jobless whereas that the Ministers in Governmental departments to spend their allocated budgets, this indicates their poor capability and weak points.”

World will witness the Brussels conference in 5th of Oct 2016 and the International community will once again announce their continuation of the aids to Afghanistan.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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