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NUG builds “joint stock” cabinet: MPs

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2015)

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Wolesi Jirga (The Upper House of Parliament) on Wednesday session stormed on National Unity Government and called the cabinet unlike the citizen’s calculations and expectations.

A number of Parliament Members (MPs) believe that Afghan government has violated the principle of meritocracy in nominating the new cabinet members.

Qudratullah Zaki a Member of Parliament said,” unfortunately candidates have been nominated by people who believes that they own a tribe or a party, the National Unity Government breached their slogans”.

Abdul Rahman Rahmani, another MP stated,” People were expecting the cabinet since three months, but cabinet introduction was against their will, they have build a joint stock out of the government and the cabinet.

On the other hand, Abdul Rauf Ebrahimi, Speaker of the House declared that only candidates will be approved who have completed statutory criteria.

President Ghani will introduce the 25 nominated candidates including the Afghanistan Chief of Intelligence and Chief of Central Bank on the upcoming Monday to receive their vote of confidence.

A number of the nominated ministers are struggling to gain the MPs trust and confidence in advance to pass the Parliament filter.

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