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NSC to Submit Secret Documents Indicate Regional Involvement in Intensifying Afghan War

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2016)

security-consol-_-17-_10_2016_-dari-sot_1-mpg_snapshot_00-44_2016-10-17_17-05-09Afghanistan National Security Council (NSC) will submit a number of documents to the United Nations Security Council and Afghanistan’s international allies which indicate the involvement of regional intelligence in intensifying war in Afghanistan.

Spokesman of NSC has called on UN Security Council to press regional intelligences to stop supporting terror groups in Afghanistan.

“The regional intelligence supports the current war in Afghanistan and the government seeks to present documents that relates to this issue,” said Tawab Ghorzang, spokesman of NSC.

According to NSC, the armed Taliban group does not have the ability to use heavy military equipments and recruiting soldiers; so it is impossible without the regional supports.

“The United Nations should take all measures to stop regional intelligence supporting war in Afghanistan,” Ghorzang added.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) urges the United Nations to put pressures on the terrorism donors and their financial resources in Afghanistan.

“The United Nations can have an effective impact on pressing the insurgents groups and their supporters,” said Najibullah Danish, deputy spokesman of MoI.

Approximately, 70 percent of Islamic State (IS) militants in Afghanistan are members of the Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), whom have been expelled from Pakistan and joined Daesh to carry out subversive activities in Afghanistan and the region, a U.S. General said.  

In addition to Pakistani Taliban, members of Junbish-e-Islami Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan Islamic Movement) and other terrorist groups are also striving to receive Daesh group membership.

The government of Afghanistan has recently stressed that the terrorist groups are undoubtedly being supported by Pakistan and apply their vicious designs in Afghanistan and the region.

Now, the U.S. also realized that Pakistan is the main supporter of terrorism in the region, and it not only sends the terrorists to Afghanistan, but to all regional and the world countries as well.

This comes as the Afghan government considers the continuation of war in Afghanistan links to Pakistan’s support from terrorism.

Previously, the second vice president, Sarwar Danish has demanded the United Nations to destroy terrorist’s safe havens in Pakistan.

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