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NPC Saves AFN 11 Billion from Embezzlement

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2018)

The National Procurement Commission (NPC) has prevented the embezzlement of around 11 billion Afghanis during the 1396 fiscal year, the Presidential Palace office said.

The NPC officials said corruption exists in the form of a chain in the country and requires serious attention.

“The fraud and corruption exist not only in contracts but also in different sectors which needs to be eradicated,” said Elham Omar Hotaki, NPC general manager.

Hotaki also announced about the achievements of the procurement commission in the last three years.

“With the transparent procurement measures, we have been able to prevent the embezzlement of millions of dollars in the last three years and the process continues,” he added.

According to NPC statistics, nearly 38 companies blacklisted due to forgery of documents and slow work which the figure reached to 133 companies in the past three years.

The NPC was an initiative of President Ghani to ensure transparency and accountability so that the government money is not swindled and one of President Ghani’s attempts at curbing corruption in the country.

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