Not A Good Time To Raise The Issue of Durand Line: Ministry of Borders

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2019)

The Afghan Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs on Monday said that it is not a good time to raise the issue of the Durand Line with Pakistan.

In response to the recent remarks by Atta Mohammad Noor the Chief Executive of Jamiat-e Islami party, Abdul Waheed Khawari a spokesman for the Ministry of Border Affairs said that individuals and governments cannot make a decision about the fate of the Durand Line because it is “a very big issue”.

“We can hold a referendum when we have peace in our country,” Khawari said.

Afghanistan has never accepted the Durand Line as the main border with Pakistan.

Sayed Naveed Amiri, an international relations commentator says that Afghanistan needs to finalize the issue of peace with the Taliban and then both Pakistan and Afghanistan can discuss the Durand Line.

This comes a day after Atta Mohammad Noor, a prominent Afghan politician suggested that a referendum must be held to decide regarding the issue of the Durand Line between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Noor added that it is the main problem between the two countries and people living on both sides of the Line can make a decision in this regard.

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