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Noor’s Son Bit off My Ear During Beating: Mohmand

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2017)

Asef Mohmand, a member of Balkh provincial council on Thursday accused Atta Mohammad Noor, the powerful governor of Balkh province for assaulting him.

The accusation comes after apparently Mohmand was arrested late Tuesday at Balkh international airport by Afghan security forces on document forgery and corruption charges.

He was released on Thursday and returned back to Kabul where he held a press conference and claimed that he was “badly beaten” by Noor, his sons and his bodyguards.

“They took me to the house of governor [Atta Mohammad Noor] for one hour and his son, Tariq Noor, bit off my ear,” Mohmand told Ariana News.

A spokesman for Noor denied accusations by Mohmand.

“This is a fake accusation,” Munir Farhar spokesman for Balkh governor said,” a government delegation is investigating the issue right now.”

President Ghani has assigned a delegation to investigate the allegations.

The claims by Mohmand come as Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum with whom governor Noor formed a political coalition, remains in Turkey amid unresolved accusations that he ordered his men to abduct, beat, and rape a political rival last year.

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