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Noor To Supporters: Ready For A Mass Demonstration

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2014)


The governor of northern Balkh Atta Muhammad Noor has called on his supporters to be prepared for a mass demonstration against what he believes unfair elections.

Atta Muhammad Noor, the powerful supporter of Presidential election Abdullah Abdullah, stated Monday night that the government, election commission and the United Nations have failed in the audit of votes.

The international observers have ignored the pre-filled ballot boxes and have kept silence, Noor expressed.

He called on all of his supporters to be ready for a mass uprising to obtain their rights, democracy, fair elections and national interests.

“International observers ignore the prefilled boxes, the government and the election commission has failed in this process and has failed to give a positive answer to our legitimate demands.”

Atta Noor warned any consequence from this demonstration would be blamed upon those people who paved grounds for a massive fraud in the Presidential Election.

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