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Noor says we decide who become governor in Balkh

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2016)


The acting governor of Balkh province Atta Muhammad Noor who is also one of the most influential and powerful political figures of Afghanistan has said he might be willing to step down from his post if the President reappoints him to the spot.

“I should be given my approval letter from the president, then we decide about it,” Noor has said in an interview with the New York Times.

Pointing to the recent tensions between supporters of Atta and Dostum he says the government cannot remove him by force as people stands with him.

“If it is necessary for me to step down, we decide what to do next and who should become governor here. They cannot remove me by force – I am with my people,” Noor added.

Mr. Noor is the supporter of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the current Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan, who joined a power-sharing government with his rival – President Ghani after the controversial 2014 elections.

It is widely believed and claimed that Balkh is doing great in terms of security, development, reconstruction and so on since Mr. Noor has held the position as the governor of Balkh from 2014, where wide reconstruction and economical development can be seen.

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