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Noor Dismisses Reports of Agreement over Balkh Leadership

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2018)

Atta Mohammad Noor, the ousted Balkh governor, on Wednesday dismissed the recent news about the appointment of his successor.

Noor issued a statement saying that reports suggesting he had agreed to the appointment of Ishaq Rahguzar, former governor of the province, to the post were “baseless”.

He added that there hasn’t been a final agreement between the Presidential Palace (ARG) and Jamiat-e Islami party to resolve the impasse.

While he emphasize for dialogue, Noor still insists that Jamiat leadership council will call the last shot to resolve the stalemate.

“The leadership of Jamiat party have the right to approve or veto any suggestion and we haven’t seen any agreement over the nominee for Balkh governorship, Muneer Ahmad Farhad, a spokesman for the ousted governor of Balkh said.

“The governor of Balkh [Noor] will accept any decision that will be made by the leadership of Jamiat party,” Afzal Hadid, head of Balkh Provincial Council and a close aide to Noor added.

This comes after a source from President Ashraf Ghani’s office on Tuesday said that government and Noor had reached to an agreement.

Over three months ago, Ghani said he has approved the resignation of Atta Mohammad Noor and has appointed Eng. Mohammad Daud as his replacement.

Noor defied his ouster and vowed to remain in the position unless the demands of his party haven’t been met by the government.

Representatives of Jamiat party and government hold more than eight rounds of negotiations for the past two months without any resolution being found.

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