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Noor Considers Himself ‘True Inheritor’ of Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2018)

The ousted governor of Balkh, Atta Muhammad Noor called himself the real inheritor of Afghanistan during a ceremony held to commemorate the 23rd death anniversary of Abdul Ali Mazari, a prominent political leader.

“When those who have studied outside the country in comfort come and claim the country’s heritage, so this is our right to consider ourselves the true inheritor of the country,” Noor said.

He also criticized the central government over playing a fake justice role, recruiting from members of Jamiat and Wahdat-e Islami parties, grading tribes and dividing the Junbish party.

“Brothers! There is still differentiate in the country and justice does not exist,” Noor added.

In the meantime, the second deputy of Chief Executive, Muhammad Mohaqiq noted about the lack of transparency in government’s contracts and called for the public participation in terms of developing the political, social and economic situations in the country.

“All people, parties and tribes should feel justice in volunteering the construction, infrastructure and trade contracts,” Mohaqiq said.

Abdul Ali Mazari was the head and co-founder of Hezb-e Wahdat that was formed from a coalition of several political parties after the Soviet withdrawal.

After being murdered by the Taliban in the mid 90s, he was posthumously given the title ‘Martyr of National Unity’ by President Ashraf Ghani in 2016.

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