None Political Stability Halted Electronic National ID Cards Process: Faisal

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2016)

4Officials in Chief Executive Office have stated insecurity, none political stability in Afghanistan caused the Electronic National ID Cards process to be delayed for unknown date and times, amid officials in Presidential office announced that efforts are underway to determine the department to issue the Electronic National ID cards.

Chief Executive Spokesman Jawid Faisal said, “The National Unity Government leaders are committed to launch issuing the Electronic National ID cards process soon, but some political disagreement and insecurity created barriers.”

The Electronic National ID cards process was supposed to be issued two years ago, but ethnicity issue took times in the parliament to enable members agree on mentioning and not mentioning .

Officials in Presidential palace urged that discussion is underway over issuing the Electronic National ID cards.

President Deputy Spokesman Dawa Khan Menapal said, “Discussion is underway to determine which department to issue the Electronic National ID cards, whether Ministry of Interior Affairs, or any other Independent department.”

Issuing the Electronic National ID cards is counted as strong support for holding a transparent Election.

Political commentator Arefullah Pashton said, “ Leader of the National Unity Government do not have strong intention on issuing of the Electronic National ID cards, if the same situation continues the upcoming Election will be full of fraudulent as past.”

Most of the experts believed that without having the Electronic National ID cards the upcoming Election will not be valuable and same fraudulent will be made.

The electronic ID card project, which works via Electronic ID Card Distribution Authority, was started in 2008 by MC&IT & later on Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA) also joined the project. to display it as national project, at start it was announced that its budget will be funded from Afghan Government Development Budget. Later, MoIA wrote on its website that International Community will provide USD115 million, covering 95% of the project’s budget.

Reported by: Ali Asghari

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