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Nobody Can Create Political Turmoil: Abdullah

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2016)


CEO Abdullah Abdullah, in a gathering with political figures, stated that “I will not allow anybody to create political instability in Afghanistan.”

According to an advisor to CEO Abdullah, the level of tension has been reduced between Abdullah, Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Officer, and Afghan President Ashrav Ghani.

The relationship between has experienced substantial difficulties, with CEO Abdullah criticizing President Ghani for not meeting with him in three months.

CEO Abdullah Abdullah said, “New stage for the implementation of political agreement which will focus on the wishes of each one of you began.”

Sources in the Presidential Palace stated that several meetings were held in Arg where CE Abdullah Abdullah should have participated, but he avoided attending.

Meanwhile,a source in the CEO’s office urged that a visit between both leaders should take place. Once the visit had occurred, then CEO Abdullah Abdullah would begin attending Presidential sessions.

Jawid Faisal, Deputy Spokesman for CEO Abdullah Abdullah Deputy Spokesman said, “The CEO’s office continues to its responsibility based on the political agreement.”

Sayed Aqa Fazil Sancharaki, Advisor to CEO Abdullah Abdullah said, “No visit has been made yet, but the mutual chats between the figures from both sides has brought the tension into low level, I hope both leaders could visit each other very soon.”

Following CEO Abdullah Abdullah’s harsh comments, about President Ashraf Ghani, scores of Ambassadors from different countries have visited CEO Abdullah Abdullah. No information from these meetings has been released into media.

Reported by Nusrat Parsa

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