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No Reliable Document to Prove Iran Supports Taliban: Farah Governor

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2018)

Local officials in western Farah province on Tuesday made controversial remarks about Iran’s involvement in recent insecurities in the province.

Provincial governor Abdul Baseer Salangi said there is no reliable document to prove Iran’s support for the Taliban in the province.

“The director of tribal affairs said Iran is interfering in Afghanistan because of the water issue but who are fighting in Ghazni, Faryab, Kunduz and other provinces and what are the issues,” said Salangi while speaking at a gathering in the province.

He added that accusation without proves means we want to buy a new enemy for Afghanistan.

However, provincial police chief and director of tribal affairs blamed Iran for interfering in Farah’s affairs, adding the May 15 Taliban attack on Farah city was planned in Iran’s Mashhad city.

“Eight days before the attack on Farah city, [Iran’s] foreign minister said we haven’t reached to a conclusion with Afghanistan regarding water management and our right of water,” reasoned Abdul Sattar Noorzai the provincial director for tribal affairs.

“Some [country] is providing financial assistance, weapons and ammunition to the Taliban. Let’s think and calculate their weapons, ammunition, and vehicles,” said Fazel Ahmad Shirzad the provincial police chief. “This is very clear.”

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