No progress made on business Afghanistan,Pakistan: Ghani

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2015)


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani who has attended the fifth heart of Asia countries conference held in Pakistan on Wednesday acknowledged that no progress is made on mutual transit of Afghanistan and Pakistan since memorandum of understanding has been signed.

President Ghani stated that Afghanistan could play important role on boosting economy in center and south parts of Asia.
During his speech president Ghani has also addressed that there has been no progress made on transit and trade of Afghanistan Pakistan though the memorandum of understanding was signed, saying I have several programs underway, one of them is Afghanistan could access south Asia markets by passing Chabahar port.

Though Afghanistan is committed with Pakistan on boosting economy and trades, there is no movement made from Pakistan President Ghani added.

President Ghani has pointed out on those life time projects which are strengthening our ties with Pakistan but also they will boost the economy of all Asian countries including south part of Asia,the following projects are to be implemented TAPI which is gas pipe line is coming from Turkmenistan and goes to India, the 500 mega watt power, the rail way and the CASA 1000 they are the projects which Afghanistan is playing important role on its transit to neighboring countries.

Further president Ghani has talked about self sufficiency stated that there 9 airports built in Afghanistan which will play important role in boosting economy and the total income of the air ports is 32 $ million annually, Salama water dam which was built by India in Herat will resolve the power shortages for our Nation.

The following speeches of the president come after that heart of Asia countries conference to be held on Thursday tomorrow.

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