No Policy on Waters, Benefits Neighboring Countries

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2015)

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Despite Afghanistan is having the biggest sources of water in the region still about 70 % of its water being wasted and neighboring countries are benefited from it the Afghan Government yet to have drafted any policy on water wastes in the past 13 years, special envoy on Good Governance Ahmadzai Masoud has stated said, “Now the National Unity Government will pick this issue as one its priority activities.”

Afghan Government special envoy on Governance Affairs Ahmad Zai Masoud said,” fortunately Afghanistan is full of waters and we can solve our water problems through it, but unfortunately former Afghan Officials have neglected to draft a policy for maintain this valuable thing in Afghanistan in the past 13 years, now we have decided to work on inhabitation of water as the priority program.”

Meanwhile Deputy Minister of Water and Energy Zaiudding Shujayee said,” the technical designs and plan for the Lalandar Water ban located in Charasiab area has been completed and waiting for upcoming budget to begin its implementation if the National Unity Government to fulfill its commitments and allocate the budget Kabul residents will have water after one year.”

Afghanistan Economic experts have said, “Though Afghanistan is having enough water but having no good management on the aspect has made the Government to import Energy, more lands be out of green plants, and causes poor accessing on drinkable water in the country especially in the capital city of Kabul.”

Reported By: Nimatullah Ahmadi


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