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No Military on Earth Takes War Seriously Than US: John Kirby

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2016)

568d975bc36188a24a8b45e4US Department of State in reaction to the reports about the start of investigation on US war crimes in Afghanistan by International Criminal Court (ICC) says America’s judicial system is strong, fair and open and Washington will rely on this system.

“I’ve seen reports about this issue. And I’ll let the ICC speak for itself. No government, no military on Earth takes its responsibilities in the way it conducts war more seriously than we do. And there is an extraordinarily robust judicial system, national judicial system – not even just talking about the military judicial system, but a U.S. national judicial system, which is robust, and energetic, and vibrant, and fair, and open. And we will, going forward, as we have in the past, rely heavily on that system,” said John Kirby, spokesman of the US Department of State.

Meanwhile, US Department of State noted that the Afghan peace process must be led by Afghans and Afghan leaders should take decision about it.

” This needs to be an Afghan-led process, as we’ve always said it must be. And that means it’s up to Afghan leaders to make key decisions about what that peace process is going to look like going forward,” Kirby added.

This comes as the war in the current year is coming to an end without a permanent solution and there is no news about the fate of Afghan-Taliban reconciliation process.


Reported by Nazira Karimi from Washington D.C

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