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No lands, No industrial Progress: Industrial Workers

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2015)


Having no lands for establishing of the industrial parks has been the main challenges of the industrial progress in the country.

A number of the industrial workers have stated that we have stated that Government of Afghanistan has promised several times the distribution of lands with no charges, but yet they have been capable to fulfill their promises.

Deputy of Industrial Worker Union in Afghanistan Jabar Safi said,” Businessmen are so interested to invest in Afghanistan,but having no proper and dedicated lands has stopped them from further investments.”

Industrial workers have mentioned that if the Government does provide lands with low prices, we will pay taxation for the Government and create dozens of jobs opportunities.

Meanwhile officials in chamber of commerce have said,” negotiations underway with President of Afghanistan to resolve the lands issues.”

Head of Exportation, Development, industrial department Mirzaman Popal said,” indeed having no lands to establish industrial park has caused challenges for Afghan investors, we have let this issue with the President of Afghanistan, hope to see significant achievements on the aspect.”

Its said that lands has been distributed to more than 2000 industrial businessmen in Herat, Wardak, Jalalabad, Logar, Parwan this has created 100,000 jobs for the residents.

Reported by Nimatullah Ahmadi.

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