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No Evidence Exists to Indicate Pakistan Honestly Combats against Terrorism: Saikal

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2016)

kabuls-permanent-representative-mahmoud-saikalThe permanent representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations Mahmoud Saikal stated that there is no evidence which Pakistan is honestly fighting against terrorism, amid World has accelerated pressures on Pakistan for not doing much about it.

He said,” the Security Council and United Nations Assembly have concluded that how to convert Pakistan to be the real partner fighting terrorism.”

According to his statement if the World doesn’t act to root up the terrorism, the disaster coming from terrorism will continue and migration issue will be one of the major issues for the World.

In a special Interview the permanent representative of Afghanistan in United Nations Mahmoud Saikal said,” Fortunately we have come to a conclusion that how to make Pakistan to become the real partner to fight terrorism, yet we have seen that no practical steps on combating terrorism has been taken either by Pakistan or its military forces, efforts are underway to establish global consensus to exert more pressures on Pakistan.”

In reaction over the statement of the Pakistan Prime Minister in United Nations General Assembly on remaining Afghan migrants Mahmoud Saikal said,” Pakistan is receiving huge amount of financial aids due to migrants and refugees.”

“ Pakistan is receiving huge amount of financial aid due to migrants and refugees, we hope that amount is consumed in the right direction, and Pakistan doesn’t exert pressures on Afghan refugees the permanent Representative of Afghanistan in United Nations Organization Mahmoud Saikal said.”

During his statement Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif claimed that his country has been hosting millions of Afghan refugees for years.

Fighting terrorism, extremism and reviewing of the migrants and refugees were the main talking points of the 193 representatives of the countries in United Nations General Assembly.

Reported by Nazira Azim Karimi  Washington DC

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