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Newly Appointed Governor Yet to Take Balkh Office

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2018)

Mohammad Dawood, the newly appointed governor of Balkh province still in Kabul instead of being in his “deserved” Balkh office.

A figure close to new Balkh governor, Ahmad Feruz Isar told Ariana News on Sunday that “organized issues” created by ousted governor Atta Mohammad Noor are halting Mohandis to get to his Balkh office, where he needs to be.

Since about two months the newly appointed Balkh governor is in Kabul and he is yet to start his main duty in Balkh province.

The figure added that government is being in talks to resolve the issue through negotiations. However, he rejected the claims –indicating that insecurities will increase in Balkh province with Governor Mohandis.

“These claims are baseless, the [new] governor of Balkh is qualified person with capable team,” he reacted.

  This comes as representatives of the government and Jamiat-e-Islami party have held eight rounds of talks, following the Balkh issue; however, the talks have not yielded positive results yet.

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