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New Plan For Boosting Economy to Be Sent To President Ghani:ACCI

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2014)


Officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industries have made a draft ready to be sent to the president Ghani for removing the challenges and boost the economy of the country.

After signing of the mutual security agreement in between Kabul-Washington the Afghan businessmen have come together to find better solution boosting their business in the country.

After listing the existed challenges, the most priority one was insecurity, and corruption within the country.

They have also urged that after their plan to get signed and reviewed by the President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai some of the challenges within the plan will be discussed on the London session.

Head of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Atiqullah Nusrat said,” after signing of the mutual security pact with USA it created a new page for the economy of Afghanistan, according to officials President Ghani has promised to pay deep attention for the private sectors to play important role in the economy of the country.”

However the President Economy advisor Omer Zakhialwal has claimed that International community has cut the speed of their aids to Afghanistan and he also hoped to draw the attention of the International community to increase their aids to Afghanistan in London session in coming future.

London session will soon be held by the mutual cooperation of the Afghanistan- Britain at the end of the 2014 in London and Afghan officials in ACCI will present a plan for improving of the Afghanistan Economy to the World to draw their attention for increasing their financial aids investments in the country.

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