Recent Statements of MoPH Feruz encourages Afghan Ills to go abroad

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2015)


Officials in Ministry of Public Health called the existed health care system none standard encouraging the Afghans to take their ill persons to abroad for further treatments and from the other hands it causes that the money goes abroad.

Huge Number officials in Governmental Hospitals have said,” such kind of statements will underestimate the values of the medical treatments in Afghanistan; they insisted that the capabilities of Afghan health care providers should be questioned.”

New Minister of Public Health Dr Ferozuddin Feruz  has expressed his deep concerns over the existed health care systems which do not meet the demands of the Nation, he claimed that even 50% of the Afghans cant have access to health care services.

One medical expert At Jamhoriat Hospital Najibullah Sikandari said.” Calling the existed health care system none standard will encourage Afghans to take their ills for further treatments to abroad and by spending money it will boost the economy of the neighboring and even regional countries boosting.”

Head of surgery in (NDS) Hospital Hashmatullah Nawabi said,” I reject having no standard Hospital or Physicians we have great Doctors with much experiences such kind of statements will discourage health care providers.”

According to the head of surgery department at National security directorate Hospital Gull Mohammad who had Brain Tumor has been operated and now he is doing well and went back to his province he could as one of the big achievements of Afghans Doctors.

Earlier the Afghanistan health Minister has stated that having no standard Health care system has caused that 3$ million to be taken out of the country under the pretext of curing ills,though there is 450 advisors who are working to standardize the health care system in the country and more than 20% of their salaries and privileges is paid by the International aids.

Reported By Ahmad Farshad Saleh


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