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New gov’t to be formed post-intra-Afghan dialogue: US diplomat

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2020)

An American diplomat in Afghanistan says that the current government will be short term because a new government would be formed after the intra-Afghan dialogue. 

According to him, the current teams in power are not inclusive, warning the Afghan leaders that the formation of the parallel administrations could weaken the Afghan national forces, and on the other hand, it could strengthen the Taliban.

Following the conflicted election between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, it seems like the American ally has been fed up as the US announced cutting down $1 Billion of its aid to Afghanistan, and now, an American diplomat warns Arg and Sapidar of the shortage of their governance.

The diplomat states he is sure that an all-inclusive delegation will be formed, because there is no other way around, adding that the agreement between the Afghan government and the Taliban should be acceptable for the former and present major elements of Afghanistan.

He emphasizes on the inclusivity of the delegation and says that the lists of prisoners have been swapped between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

He further says that the escalation in violence by the Taliban is not acceptable noting that the reason behind this is the delay in the release of the Taliban prisoners. He emphasizes on forming an all-inclusive delegation should be made to run the intra-Afghan talks noting that he doesn’t want Afghanistan to meet Syria’s fate.

The American diplomat adds that it is only these two small teams that have created the problem. It is not worth it to make such troubles for power – a short term power, he added, the process of peace is important. The US cut its aid only to warn these two, to tell them how dangerous it is and how unhappy the US is, he noted.

It comes as the Afghan government held a 4-hour video conference on Wednesday with the Taliban representatives and discussed prisoner releases, the Taliban spokesman for Qatar office, Suhail Shaheen said, adding that the prisoner swap process would begin by March 31st.

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