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New Afghan President Must Attend Last NATO Summit

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2014)

NATO aks

An official of NATO has urged the new President of Afghanistan should attend the last meeting of NATO member countries going to be held next month.

The NATO official said President Hamid Karzai’s Presidential term has finished and his government was no longer a legitimate government.

He demanded the new President must be elected immediately and he should sign the security agreement with Washington which would give a legal framework to NATO presence in Afghanistan.

The NATO chief has already warned if the security accord was not signed between Kabul and Washington, the NATO troops would desert Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

The inauguration ceremony of new Afghan President was set to be held last week, however, the electoral impasse changed everything.

Abdullah Abdullah, the presidential candidate, refused to accept poll result and warned of a establishing a parallel government, however, after the mediation of US State secretary John Kerry, both the candidates agreed on audit of all votes cast in the second round of poll.

The audit process has been delaying following disagreements between the candidates on procedure of audit and invalidation of ballots.

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