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New Afghan Political Movement Announces Existence

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2017)

A new political opposition party under the name of “Axis of Afghan People”(Mehwar Mardom Afghanistan) announced its existence on Sunday in Kabul.

The new movement led by Rahmatullah Nabil, Former NDS chief, Rangin Dad Far Spanta, former NSA and other former officials and political figures started activities with criticizing President Ghani and the government.

Members of the new political movement accused President of monopolizing the power, tendency, oppression and sectarianism.

Leader of the new opposition party, Rahmatullah Nabil said, “We want to end all false politics and totalitarian and repressive circles and we do not want any power sharing.”

The former Afghan president’s national security advisor Rangin Dadfar Spanta, another member of the movement has also slammed the government leaders and President Ghani for their silence regarding the violations along the Durnad Line.

“the government is busy suppressing the civil movements and protesters while unprecedented violations are being committed along the Durand Line,” Spanta said.

The Presidential Palace has not made any comments regarding the appearence of the new opposition party, but it seems the government’s opposition parties are increasing as the new coalition for Salvation of Afghanistan that formed by government leaders.

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