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Netherlands Embassy provides entrepreneurs awareness program – Kabul

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2020)

The Dutch ambassador said that the “Orange Business Network” program will continue on a monthly basis for a year-long to technically support and motivate the young entrepreneurs.

The Minister of Economy also supports the program and said that he would meet the entrepreneurs’ problems in person.

The Orange Business Network will train 15 chosen entrepreneurs in different areas of commerce.

Ernst Norman, the Dutch ambassador, said the Dutch Embassy head-hunted the participants from different fields – energy, agriculture, and many more.

According to him, the participants will be trained in taxpaying policies, business proposals, and promoting products in the market.

Mustafa Mastoor, the Minister of Economy, said, “I don’t know how big or small these entrepreneurs are, but I know if they are small or medium, the government will take the responsibility to help.”

Some of the participants of the Orange Business Network view the program effective in motivating the young entrepreneurs.

Shabir Ahmad, one of the participants said, “The Dutch Embassy supports the new entrepreneurs who come to the market to present their products in a standard way to the national and international market.”

It is worth mentioning that this marks the first time for the Dutch Embassy in Kabul to supports the young entrepreneurs.

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