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Neighboring Countries Trying to Prevent Investment in Afghanistan: MoF

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2017)

Afghan Ministry of Finance (MoF) says some of the neighboring countries are trying to prevent investment and domestic production in country.

Afghanistan is at risk of unwelcome external influences, its sovereignty and traditions vulnerable.

The finance minister, Eklil Hakemi declared the government committed to provide fields for the growth of economic sector to International Community in Brussels summit.

“Facilities and fields are ready for those Afghans who want to invest in Afghanistan and the government is committed. But some neighboring countries and political challenges caused the slow process and we are trying to solve this problem,” said Eklil Hakemi, finance minister.

UN Secretary-General for Afghanistan, Tadamichi Yamamoto says a big part of Brussels commitment has been fulfilled but the rest of them remain incomplete. The International Community and Afghan government should make further efforts in fighting terrorism based on Brussels commitments.

According to MoF information, big energy projects will be start for attracting investment in the current year and the ministry jointly works with National Council to pass the investment law in public and private sector.

 Afghanistan’s emergence as a regional crossroads for trade and resource sharing in a post-Taliban era remains a distant though hopeful prospect. Endemic economic and physical constraints and retrogressive political developments block progress toward the region forming a vital new economic entity.

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