Neglecting of Central Bank Causes Afghan Currency Lose its Values

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2015)



Money exchangers in Shazadah Market have expressed their concerns over increasing of US dollar prices against Afghan currency.

They have said,” it has been two weeks that Afghan currency has lost its values against US dollars in the markets one US dollar was exchanged from 58 Afghani but now one US dollar is exchanged up to 60 Afghani.”

The following money exchangers have declared the main factor for losing the values of Afghan currency is the neglecting of officials in central bank, and promoting of neighboring countries’ currencies in some provinces of Afghanistan.

Kabul money exchangers spokesperson Majid Hameedzadah said,” I declare the reason for Afghan currency fall against International currencies is interfering of the officials in central banks, earlier the following bank used to sell 80 event up to 100$ Million in the markets, but last week they sold only $50 million.”

Meanwhile a number of experts on economy sectors have addressed the reasons for losing Afghan currency values against international currencies are increasing of insecurity, low US dollars injected within the markets.

Economy expert Mohammad Mohsin Amiri said,” more than 80% of goods are being imported from neighboring countries, insecurity rocks.”

We tried much to get hold of officials in central bank but none has picked our calls.

Reported by Nimatullah Ahmadi


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