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Necessary Measurements Adopted for Coming Winter: Noor Gul

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2014)

Salang Pass

Acting Minister of the Public works said,”we have adopted necessary measurements for coming winter season to keep the High ways of country opened specially Salang High ways.”

He insisted that construction continues for the salang pass but still we need some financial supports from the Government and International community.

However, Officials in ministry of public works have signed six contracts projects for tarring and reconstruction of some of the roads in seven provinces.

Acting Minister NoorGul Mangal said,”Daily reconstruction of the roads to Salang Pass continues, in case of problems passengers could use the 13 gathering and safe points to stay out of danger,we have provided necessary assistances for the passengers such as blankets,foods and materials to keep the safe houses warm.”

He also insisted that efforts are underway to build the alternative roads and highways to connect Northern provinces to the capital.

Meanwhile officials have signed the contracts with several construction companies for reconstruction, asphalting, and maintenances of the roads for Kunar, Nuristan, Samangan,Badakhshan,Jowzjan, Ghor, and Parwan provinces which will cost 559 million Afghani.

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