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Nearly 80 Percent of Legal Cases Resolve by Taliban in Farah

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2017)

_78393604_shariacourtThe governor of western Farah Province says nearly 80 percent of legal cases resolve by the armed Taliban group in the province.

Farah governor, Muhammad Aref Shah Jahan in interview with Ariananews said, “At least 80 percent of administrative and land problems in Farah resolve by Taliban.”

Shah Jahan described the Farah province vulnerable, saying the Taliban is controlling most of the areas and people share their cases with the group.

According to the provincial council in Farah, the Taliban group carries out operations at night and of the ten districts they have captured five of them.

Chairman of Farah provincial council, Jamila Amini said, “the situation of Farah is alarming and five districts have been captured by Taliban. They conduct their operations at night.”

However, a number of provincial council members in Farah rejected Taliban control five districts, but named the province as operation center for Taliban group.

Member of Farah provincial council, Farid Bakhtawar said, “Farah province is the center of Taliban’s activities but the district are not under their control.”

The Ministry of Defense also rejected this issue and said all districts in Farah are under the control of Afghan security forces.

According to locals, Taliban are still in around Farah Province and can attack anytime.

The Bala Buluk district of Farah province has long been a Taliban stronghold and in the past has been used as base to attack Afghan and Coalition forces. Al Qaeda has also had a presence in the district; in June 2009 an al Qaeda trainer was killed during fighting there.

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