NDS Seizes 15000 Kg Explosive Items

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2014)


Officials in National Security Directorate department NDS have arrested two terrorists whom were willing to carry explosive items into Kabul city, they have added that the following explosive items under the supervision of Pakistan ISI were loaded into a big Larry and deployed to Afghanistan.

NDS spokesman Abdul Hasib Sediqi said, “The enemies were trying to carry in the explosive items by using the cement bags from Pakistan to Afghanistan, which the truck was stopped at the 21 precinct of Kabul city by the National security directorate staffs.”

He claimed that the terrorist’s objects were to destroy different parts of Kabul city and willing to expand their terrorist activities within Afghanistan.

Officials in NDS department have claimed the following explosive items were Aluminum Nitrate which mines for destroying areas are made of.

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