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NDS Chief Apologizes for Kunduz Fall into Taliban Control

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2016)

1Senators at Defense Committee of the upper house of the parliament have summoned the security officials to provide more details over the ongoing war and increasing of insecurity within the country, in the session the Afghanistan National Directorate Security Chief Masoum Stanikzia has apologized for losing of Kunduz control, but insisted that big plot of Taliban in Kunduz has been neutralized.

Meanwhile Defense Minister has stated that Afghan security forces are holding hard job to fight the difficult war called terrorism a war where most of the countries have failed to fight.

Deputy of the Defense committee in the upper house of the parliament stated that falling of Kunduz into Taliban hands at the earliest isn’t acceptable that means the discovery and intelligence departments did nothing to save Kunduz from falling.

Deputy of the Defense committee in the upper house Afzal Shamil said,” The number of Afghan security forces is more than double comparing to Taliban fighters in Kunduz, Why did Kunduz fall during one day into Taliban control, where were the discovery departments, this is a serious issue and must be pursued and main reasons to be declared.”

NDS chief stated the intensification of war declares that it has come to an end, efforts are underway to follow different war tactics to gain victory.

National Directorate Security Chief Masoum Stanikzai said,” War is managed well otherwise the situation was getting worst than this, I apologize the Kunduz residents for not doing enough to tackle the issue and save Kunduz from falling, We do have our own problems, We should also have our predication from war and be prepared, We are at the end of the war, war in Afghanistan is supported from aboard.”

Meanwhile Defense Minister of Interior Ministers of Afghanistan have urged that all the terrorist groups have gathered in Afghanistan, Afghan security forces have been able to defuse 153 raiding of Taliban in groups last week.

“ Our enemies have launched 215 attacks in the past one week in 17 provinces of Afghanistan, where 153 of the raids were defused by the Afghan security forces and Taliban have lost most of its fighters during the attacks Minister of Interior Affairs Taj Mohammad Jahid said,”

Minister of Defense Abdullah Habibi said,” Our enemies have launched attacks several times but were defeated by the Afghan security forces, We should stand together and united against the activities of the enemies, the current war is the terrorism war where no countries have gained victories out of the war, but our forces are still tackling against it.”

Afghan security officials have insisted there are challenges to eliminate war in Afghanistan, but Afghan security forces are taking the war forward.


Reported by Rafi Sediqee

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