NDS Arrests Pakistani National Engaged in Paktia’s Janikheil Battle

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2017)

 Afghan spy agency has arrested a Pakistani militant engaged in battle with Afghan security forces in Janikheil district of eastern Paktia province.

 The suspect identified as Esmat has said that he has received insurgency training in center of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) between members of Jaish-e-Mohammed jihadi group.

The suspect has also said that he was provoked against the Afghan security forces and he was given the task to kill Afghan military in Janikheil district of the province.

“I have received training in Siphah-i-Sahaba. I was told that Muslims’ property and lives are not safe in Afghanistan. Afghan forces are infidels and I have to kill them,” he said.

The detainee who was injured in Janikheil battle, arrested by Afghan intelligence operatives, following the seizure of the district by Afghan security forces from the Taliban. 

The militant urged his compatriots “not to be deceived by Pakistani clerics. Afghan people and government are all Muslims.”

It comes as Afghanistan has given the lists of terrorists and their training centers to Pakistan, asking for Islamabad’s action against insurgents’ base in its soil.

However, Kabul says Islamabad has not taken any practical steps yet. 

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