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NDS arrested Taliban military commander for Baghlan in Kabul

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2015)


Taliban’s military commander for Baghlan detained in Kabul, a statement from the National Directorate of Security said on Wednesday.

Mohammad Yasin, Taliban military commander for Baghlan arrested with an aide during a special operation by NDS members, the statement said.

The man was tasked by Mawlawi Mohammad Yunis, Taliban shadow governor for Baghlan from Pakistan Peshawar city to appoint a number of people as shadow district governor, police chief and officials in Baghlan province, NDS statement added.

According to the statement the man was arrested in the first police precinct in Kabul after he returned from Baghlan and preformed his job.

Baghlan is among the volatile provinces in Afghanistan where Taliban insurgents actively operate in a number of its districts.

By: H Hesam

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