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Natural Disasters threatens nearly 300 districts across the Country – DEC

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2015)

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Disasters Emergency Committee warns that around 300 districts across the country are under direct threats of the natural disasters mainly of the floods.

Senate House summoned officials from the Disasters Emergency Committee on Sunday to speak about their preparations for the upcoming natural disasters during the new season of the year.

Dawoud Ghafari, a member of the Senate House representing Ghor province said,” Natural disasters usually occur in Ghor, there is no supervision over the aids for natural and emergency disasters, even they are using the aids for war issues”.

Another Senator Saleha Mirzad criticized,” The people of Nimruz severely needed drinking water, annually floods are affecting the life and property of the people”.

Officials in the Disasters Emergency Committee argue that they have identified the vulnerable areas across the country and are struggling to gather the requirements.

Rural Development Minister Naseer Ahmad Durani explained,” Natural Disasters may affect 297 districts over the country and will threaten the lives of about 171,697 people”.

Sultan Mahmoud Mahoudi head of water administration in ministry of water and energy complains about lack of budgetary funds to fulfill their projects.

Once the water rises, threats increases too. How can we solve the problems with $2.2 million? Lack of budget is the main problem.”

Annualy, different types of natural disasters including avalanches, floods, earthquakes and many more affect both the lives and properties of Afghans, and the government fails to help them with the required assistance needed on time.

Reported by: Abdul Aziz Karimi

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