NATO warns to take decision on complete withdrawal from Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2014)


The NATO Secretary-General warned on Monday that they will take a decision on the continued presence in Afghanistan, unless the country’s new president signs an agreement allowing the presence of foreign troops in the country.
Rasmussen said the NATO summit slated for September 4-5 in Wales would be very close to a deadline for taking that decision.
“Soon we will have to take tough decisions because if there isn’t a legal basis for our continued presence in Afghanistan, we will have to withdraw everything by the end of this year and to do that we will have to start planning … very soon,” Rasmussen said.
Rasmussen indicated that the situation would become more critical with further delay in signing the agreement. The hindrance has significantly reduced the time available for a detailed planning of the post-2014 mission, causing apprehension at the NATO headquarters.
However, Abdullah’s electoral team said that efforts are ongoing that the election result will be announced soon and the Afghanistan new president participate in NATO’s next month summit.


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