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NATO vows long-term cooperation in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2014)

6NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, with President Ashraf Ghani Ahmad Zai on Thursday in a joint press conference commented on the security situation of the country.
President Ashraf Ghani Ahmad Zai has welcomed NATO Secretary General, saying we urge NATO to continue its support to Afghanistan.
Ghani noted that Afghan security forces are ready to take responsibility of security and the combat mission of foreign troops will end at the end of the year.
He accepted an invitation to attend a NATO ministerial meeting on Dec. 2 and added that cooperation with the international community would focus on a wide range of non-security issues, including women’s rights, governance and environmental protection.
In the meantime, NATO Secretary General said, “We are ending the combat mission and are starting a new chapter in which the future of Afghanistan is in the hands if the Afghan people”.
NATO and the United States are withdrawing combat forces from Afghanistan at the end of the year, after 13 years of fighting the Taliban.

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