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NATO report slams Afghan security forces as duties incapable

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2016)



A NATO report which has been published in SPIEGEL quoted NATO probing Afghanistan’s security conditions will become worst in 2016 comparing to 2015.

Officials in Ministries of interior and Defense said observing the civilian casualties Afghan security forces are capable to launch military operations across the country.

Part of the report also indicated that NATO sees with doubt on Afghan security forces capabilities on launching operations to secure Afghanistan, therefore the security condition Afghanistan will be worst than 2015.

NATO member said,” NATO fore said that the Afghanistan security condition will be worst than 2015 because Afghan security forces aren’t capable to defend the country.”

Out of the total 101 infantry units only one has been characterized by the report as effectively battle-ready, while 38 units have been classified as having “massive problems.” Ten battalions of 600 soldiers each have been classified as not operational.

According to the data contributed to the report by US General John F. Campbell, the current commander of the Resolute Support Mission and United States Forces –Afghanistan, out of 17 battalions stationed in Taliban-troubled provinces of Kandahar and Zabul, 12 units have only “limited” readiness.

Another major problem is highly increased battle casualties, which in 2015 grew by 42 percent compared to 2014. Altogether, last year ANA had more than 8,000 combat fatalities, on average losing 22 soldiers every day throughout 2015.

Afghanistan Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said,” we confirm the casualties but who are launching operations against terrorism in Afghanistan, Afghan security forces are in the front line defending their country.”

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of interior affairs claimed that we are facing world battle here in Afghanistan, Afghan security forces are in the front line fighting terrorism.

We are fighting for peace, this is not our war, we confirm the casualties, we are facing International fighters here in Afghanistan, there serious threats to world, war erupted in Helmand, based on the reports war has been intensified in south part of Afghanistan, poor performances of Afghan National Army caused the war to be expanded Ministry of interior spokesman sediq sediqee said.

Reported by FarahNaz Forotan

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