NATO Officially Takes Over Resolute Support Responsibility in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2014)


NATO forces have officially taken over the Afghanistan security responsibilities from ISAF forces and begin the resolute supports program for Afghan security forces on Wednesday.

NATO gen, air forces commander in Afghanistan has stated that the earlier Air military commanding responsibilities in Hamid Karzai International airport has been run by a French Military Gen, from now on wards it will be supervised by a Turkish Military General.

He added that Afghan security forces are capable and ready to take over the security responsibilities of their country.

NATO general commander John McMullen said.” Today we witness the two transitional of responsibilities, first Resolute Support program from ISAF to NATO second the transition of Camp commanding of  KAIA,as we all know that Resolute supports program contains of trainings, advising, and cooperation for Afghan security forces.”

Meanwhile the newly General Commander for NATO in Afghanistan International military airport said, we will stay in Afghanistan till the Afghan security forces to be capable to ensure security for the International airport Hamid Karzai.

Gen,Bakir said,” Camp KAIA is one of the tremendous installation camps for NATO forces, we will remain in here till the Afghan security forces to be capable to earn the responsibilities of the following camp, and we will use all our possibilities, equipments and talent to let Afghan security forces meet their objectives.”

The above mentioned changes come after that Hamid Karzai International Air port responsibility has been running by French Gen and it was taken over by other Turkish military Gen, and also the International forces combat roles in Afghanistan has ended today.


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