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NATO FM Meeting to Reaffirm Commitment to support Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2016)

456568-nato-secretary-general-jens-stoltenberg-speaks-at-the-alliances-headquAfghan Foreign Affairs Minister Salahuddin Rabbani is expected to represent Afghanistan at the NATO ministerial level meeting that would begin in Brussels, the capital of Belgium on Tuesday.

The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg who was speaking at a pre-ministerial press conference today said,” On Wednesday, we will meet with Afghan Foreign Minister Rabbani, to reaffirm our commitment to supporting Afghans to secure their own country, and to review Afghanistan’s reforms, which are linked to continued international support”.

The top NATO official added that our presence in Afghanistan demonstrates our long-term commitment to the fight against terrorism.

This would be the first meeting on Afghanistan at the foreign ministers’ level after the NATO Summit in Warsaw held on 8-9 July this year and NATO Foreign Ministers will meet and address the most pressing security challenges we are facing and how we are responding.

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