NATO Calls Afghan Forces’ Capabilities Essential for Stability

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2017)

fvl_5856Chairman of the NATO military committee, General Petr Pavel said that the capabilities of Afghan security forces is very important for the stability of the country.

Speaking at NATO’s Military Committee in Chiefs of Defence Session in Brussels, Gen. Petr Pavel noted that the continuation of Afghan security forces development is very important to ensure the Afghan community and to stabilize the country.

Gen. Pavel also emphasized on the importance of working with Afghanistan to encourage all regional actors to play a key role to find a solution.

“The situation in Afghanistan remains difficult and that the Afghan Security Forces have taken many casualties, the CHODs took the opportunity to recognize their efforts as they continue to defend the Afghan people with determination, courage and combat enemy across the country. The CHODs also stressed the importance of working with Afghanistan to encourage all regional actors to play a constructive role to find a lasting solution. This is the best way to support efforts to fight terrorism – stabilise Afghanistan and to support the unity of it,” said Gen. Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO military committee.

Meanwhile, US secretary of state noted about Washington’s effort to reach Taliban group.

“I managed to negotiate a new concept of a unity government. Dr. Abdullah and Dr. Ghani have been working together – not always easy, but it’s still there and it’s held Afghanistan together. And we are working with various parties to reach out to the Taliban and see if their engagement could produce something,” said John Kerry, US secretary of state.

Currently, NATO mission in Afghanistan has 13,000 troops in Afghanistan that nearly 7,000 o them are Americans.

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