‘Nationality’ in e-ID Cards Will Lead into Fragmentation: MPs

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2017)

After rejecting the president’s decree on ID information on Monday, some Afghan parliamentarians has warned that addition of ‘Nationality’ in electronic ID cards (e-ID cards) will fragmentize the country.  

The lawmakers insisted that printing “nationality” in e-ID cards will provoke ethnic dissentions and will lead the country into fragmentation.

“The Welesi Jirga’s decision to reject the president’s decree was an affective move in nation building process,” said MP Nahid Farid. “If we provoke the issue of ethnicity, it will be the beginning of fragmentation of Afghanistan.”

“The decision should be respected, in e-ID cards nationality and religion are not being ignored,” said MP Zahir Qadir. “We shouldn’t provoke the issue further.”

Some lawmakers, meanwhile, criticized the rejection of president’s decree on Population Registration Act, insisting that the word “ethnicity” should be printed in the ID cards.

“What is the issue if we add ethnicity [in the e-ID cards]?” MP Obaidullah Barekzai questioned. “The words Afghan, ethnicity and Islam are our pride and it shouldn’t mean to fragmentation.”

The Second Deputy Speaker of the Lower House, Nazir Ahmadzai, however, said that the law is not being processed yet and there shouldn’t be premature judgments.

The Population Registration Act has been a controversial issue among government officials and parliamentarians since last few years. The proposed amendments on the law was recently rejected by the Lower House, but the Senate House’s stand on the law is still pending.   

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