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National Unity Government to save Afghanistan from crisis: Wolesi Jirga

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2014)


A number of Parliament members praised the formation of a government of national unity and said that this government will save Afghanistan from probable crisis.

They said that although the agreement on formation of national unity government is contrary to the constitutions but for the national interest is the best choice.

I hope that both candidates can succeed on formation of a national unity government in accordance with the principles and measures.

Some of the Parliament members emphasized on signing of the security accord with U.S and urged the national unity government to sign the security agreement with U.S as soon as possible.

Muhaiodin Mehdi, member of parliament said, “Afghanistan cannot provide its security and economy and Afghanistan is required to sign the security agreement soon.”

Makhdom Mohibullah Farqani, Member of Parliament said, “Simultaneously with the swearing ceremony of Afghanistan new president, security accord with Washington should be signed too.”

This comes as that U.S officials are impatiently waiting for signing of the security agreement between Kabul and Washington.


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