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National Unity Government Solves Crisis: Afghan Experts believe

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2014)


A number of Afghan experts believed that establishing of the National Unity Government will resolve the current crisis of Afghanistan, urging that the following Government should be firmed based on the political agreements that mean the political participations of all parties needs to be considered.

They insisted that the National Unity Government should contain the National interests and political attitudes, it doesn’t have to be used as the power tools or gaining privileges.

Head of center of regional studies Abdul Ghafoor Liwal said,” in most countries firming of the National Unity Government has been used to resolve the immediate challenges but in Afghanistan its different.”

Meanwhile some other Afghan experts have declared the National Unity Government not good element for Afghanistan to overcome the challenges they have insisted that there should elite, committed, more opportunists persons within the Government to institutionalize this phenomenon.

Law Professor Nasrullah Istanikzai said,” any agreement which is being made not within the Afghanistan constitution will cause crisis for Afghanistan Election and will make the process more complicated.”


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