National Unity Government Invincible: Ashraf Ghani

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2014)

President-elect Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has promised the national unity government would be infrangible and would work together for a peaceful Afghanistan.

In a gathering of Junbish-e-Milli Party Saturday in Kabul, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai promised to institutionalize social justice in Afghanistan.

Led by Vice President-elect Abdul Rashid Dostom, the members and supporters of Junbish-e-Milli Party welcomed Ahmadzai with cheers and victory slogans.

Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, who will sworn-in on Monday as the President of Afghanistan, declared that without a permanent peace, stability of Afghanistan couldn’t be ensured.

Ahmadzai stated he had a political will to serve for the Afghan nation and would put earnest efforts for the country’s endless peace and stability.

During his speech to hundreds of Junbish supporters, Ahmadzai promised to change Afghanistan into a center of investment.

General Dostom, head of Junbish-e-Milli Party, also promised to his supporters to practice on the agreement on national unity government.

According to the government officials, all the arrangements have been finalized for the oath-taking ceremony of new President to mark country’s first peaceful power of transfer.




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