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National Solidarity Program Implemented 86000 Projects, Ended Saturday

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)

1Officials in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) during press conference have announced the National Solidarity Programs end, saying the program implemented 86000 projects on building of roads, construction of bridges, fetching drinkable water, distribution of electricity, building of schools and clinics, the program worth $ 1,5 Billion Dollar from 2003 up to 2017.

Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Nasir Ahmad Durani said, “Villages have been completely developed, services provided for the residents, all the achievements come from the successfully implementation of the National Solidarity program.”

Officials in the following Ministry have also talked about the replacement of the National Solidarity program called covenant’s of citizenship officially, the current program will last for 10 years, and with costing of $ 1 billion, according to Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Nasir Ahmad Durani the first phase of the program will be implemented in 117 districts 12000 villages.

“We will focus on developing of the districts, and to create economy movements, the covenants of citizenship program will balance the developments within the districts and villages.” Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Nasir Ahmad Durani said.

Meanwhile World Bank Operational Chief Steve N. said, “I want underline our continued commitment to the Government, to support the current and other programs to enable the achievement of the vision of the Government.”

The Covenant citizenship program is Interministerial program, in the following program people in the development councils in districts and villages will have the most opportunities to play key role in the implementation of the program.

Reported by: Lida Naizi

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