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National Mobilization Needed Against Perpetrators of Attacks on Civilians: Nadery

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2019)

Chairman of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, Ahmad Nader Nadery, on Tuesday, demanded the implementation of justice for the perpetrators of attacks against civilians.

“The attack on the lives of civilians is a clear crime against humanity. Such attacks are not only condemned by the international laws and can be prosecuted, but also, according to the Islamic rulings the perpetrators of such horrendous crimes punishment is hell and they should be prosecuted in this world as well,” Nadery said.

In addition, he called for the national mobilization against the perpetrators of attacks on civilians, insisting that the people of Afghanistan need to collectively stand against such crimes.

He emphasized that the sufferings of the families of the victims of these attacks should be the focus of peace talks and any peace talks should result in ending these sufferings.

On the last day of the holy month of Ramadhan, a suicide bomber riding a bicycle hit a government vehicle carrying the staff member of the commission.

As a result, the commission lost five of its employees and another eleven were wounded.

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