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National investment program launched in Kabul

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2016)


Afghanistan chief executive Abdullah Abdullah has urged that natural sources needs to be saved to boost the economy of the country, despite internal supports the International aids should also be spent on growing the infrastructure projects within Afghanistan.

Officials in Chamber of commerce and industry said recently the National Unity Government has launched good programs for boosting economy, but promises should be fulfilled.

During the opening program called National investment program in Afghanistan Chief executive Abdullah Abdullah stated that the following program will encourage the internal and international investors to invest in Afghanistan, saying the Government is committed to provide best platform and facilities for the investors in Afghanistan.

He said,” efforts should be made to boost the economy of Afghanistan, by saving the Natural resources.”

Deputy of the Chamber of commerce and industry Khanjan Alkozai said,” Government should provide best facilities and pave the way for internal production, this way we can save ourselves from importing goods, otherwise we will still be the neighboring countries dependent,”

The following program was launched by the Afghanistan investment Support Agency AISA.

Head of the Afghanistan investment support agency Mohammad Qurban Haqjo said,” National investment program should be launched in every countries, to draw the investors attention, we will provide much help and assistance for our internal production and support them.”

Officials in Aisa stated that $20 billion dollars has been invested within Afghanistan in different sectors in the past 15 years, if the Government does support the internal investors they will invest double of this amount.

Reported by Aslam Hejaab

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