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National Farmer’s Day Marks in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)

17425955_1175465295896216_9196474850328263743_nAfghan people marked the Farmer’s Day falling on March 22 across the country, by holding ceremonies and displaying agricultural products and livestock.

Previously, the Afghan Ministry for Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock kicked off a three-day agriculture show at Badam Bagh locality in northwest side of Kabul city.

“On behalf of the government and the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, I congratulate the National Farmer’s Day to all Afghan farmers, and I hope that your achievements would be an inspiration for all Afghans to do their best for achieving self-sufficiency,” Afghan Minister for Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Asadullah Zamir told the ceremony in Badam Bagh.

Only 12 percent of Afghanistan is arable and less than 6 percent is currently being cultivated.

“The government is determined in supporting agriculture sector and more efforts are underway to build water dams, green houses, gardens and cold storage facilities across the country,” said the minister.

War-ravaged Afghanistan has made tremendous achievements over the past couple of years and is close to achieving self-sufficiency, he said.

Minister Zamir said the government is managing Afghan water resources, and modernizing the agricultural practices and overcoming gender stereotypes and encouraging the participation of both men and women in the field, which would enable the country to become self-reliant and see the export of agricultural products boosted significantly in coming years.

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